Popular Telugu web series in 2021

Since the cinema halls were closed down, exploring through the tabs of OTT platforms became our everyday routine. While foreign series is breaking the internet with good storylines and getting global recognition, let us introduce you to some of the best Telugu web series online that loved by everyone over the years.

Some of the best Telugu web series which you can watch on aha right now are:

  1.  Honeymoon 

Honeymoon, the new six-section Telugu web series on Aha, starts where most romantic comedies end. Following their arrange marriage, Praveen and Tejaswini fly to Kerala for their vacation (Honey Moon). While Praveen has a boy next door personality, Tejaswini is more receptive and predominant in the relationship. The remainder of the story manages how an honest boy and a solid natured girl get together while on their honeymoon.

The best thing about this web series is the reasonable composition. The exhibitions and the basic theme of the series make it watchable for the audience.

  1. CommitMental  

CommitMental is about the relationship progress between Phani and Anu. They are in a significant distance relationship for longer than a year. Anyway, when Phani proposes to Anu, she panics. She can’t handle the prospect of marriage and living together. What happens, in the end, is precisely what this web series is all about.

The direction of the series is stunning. Songs add extra details. In general, CommitMental is a simple story yet extreme to execute space of unsurprising metropolitan romantic tales. Watch it out if a few fun scenes are all you need. 

  1. Mastis 

The story is set in a resto-bar called Mastis, claimed by a wealthy Ad movie producer Pranav and his better half. Then again, the director of the café, Anand, is in profound love with one of the servers, Lekha. There is another lead role named Tanya who is making a decent attempt to become famous with her band by performing at Mastis.

Taking all things together, the twist emerges when Pranav starts cheating his better half by keeping up a casual relationship. The series manages every one of the cooked connections, and how they are sorted out, in the end, is what you have to watch.

Director gives every one of his characters equivalent significance and showcases their feelings quite well. The series exhibitions, creation values, and emotions work pretty well. 

Even though there is a shortage of Telugu motion pictures during the Lockdown, aha has concocted new Telugu films. Most of the web series released in Telugu is very engaging. You can watch these best Telugu web series online and spend your free time for entertainment only.

You can discover a lot of the most recent Telugu films on this OTT stage, Telugu named Movies, Aha Originals, Aha Web Series, and numerous other shows. So don’t hold up and get the aha subscriptions today and get the total dose of entertainment from the comfort of your home.

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